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    Are you ready to rocket your way to social media success?

    Get the training, support and actions your business needs to generate consistent business through social media!

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    Does this sound familiar…


    You’re playing with social media but not generating much business through it


    You struggle to be consistent on social media


    You ‘get’ social media but don’t really know what to do day-to-day to make it successful


    You have lots of social media related questions but don’t know where to direct them


    You hear lots of conflicting social media advice and just want to know how to make it work for your business



    A new planet has been discovered. 

    One that could open up a whole new universe of opportunity for you on social media. 

    Jump on the rocket and join me on


    Planet Social Media membership will help you achieve social media success with…


    a library of videos focused on helping businesses achieve social media success.  There are over 60 videos live on the site, including platform specific videos and ones that help you with content and engagement, with a new video added every two weeks!


    Each month, join me for 90 minutes to get your content planned and, potentially, created for the coming month!


    Regular live masterclasses focused on specific topics to dive deep, learn more and get your questions answered!


    ask your questions in our active community!  You’ll get answers not only from our social media experts, but also suggestions from other members too!


    suggested weekly actions for you to take on social media to form the right habits in the right way.  PLUS, complete an action and get entered into a monthly prize draw!


    stay up-to-date with all the latest developments and what it means for you on social media with the weekly ‘Planet News’ email.

    And there are many more fun parts of being a member.
    But you’ll have to join to find out what they are!


    Sam Flynn

    Hi, I’m Sam!  I’ve been training businesses in the use of social media for 11 years! 

    My background is in business psychology, and I truly believe that social media success really does come down to psychology.  If we just put content out there without considering our audience, without building relationships and without knowing when the right and wrong time to sell is, it is much MUCH harder to achieve social media success!

    I speak regularly at business events worldwide about using social media for business and in 2017 wrote my first book – Social Media Super Success.

    My 11 years have seen me train businesses of all sizes, from large international businesses like Siemens, down to small, local businesses.  I’ve realised though, my passion lies with small businesses and helping them break through their social media barriers. 

    Which is why I created Planet Social Media!  Somewhere that businesses of all sizes can focus on the areas of social media that will have the biggest impact for them, while being affordable for small business owners too!

    Who is Planet Social Media for?

    Small business owners who are overwhelmed with how to manage their social media while running their business

    Marketing teams who want to learn new approaches in using social media

    Social media managers and agencies who want to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in social media

    Success-driven individuals who are sick of wasting time and want RESULTS!

    Here’s what our members have to say

    Working with Sam has been a great experience. I truly came to the social media world feeling like a complete outsider a dinosaur in fact. I understood the rationale for it, but hadn’t the slightest clue where to jump in, nor the time really to sustain a consistent effort. If I’m being completely honest, there is also a bit of a lack of interest at first.

    Nevertheless, Sam has helped me ease into that world. She really understands the platforms she’s helping me with which gives me a lot of comfort, encouragement and amazing advice and ideas. She has never failed to update me on what’s right and what’s wrong and has been super responsive to requests.

    Her advice has benefited me greatly. I now dedicate set time to social media and having experienced the positive results I can’t get enough of it……I can only say good things about Sam and her service 11/10 👍🏻👍🏻

    Simon Lincoln

    Managing Director, Simon Lincoln Recruitment Solutions

    I have taken advice from Sam on various aspects of social media for a number of years. Sam is able to give straightforward practical advice without it being all about the tech. As someone who has a service based business it can be difficult to engage with mediums such as Instagram, but Sam has given me practical tips to increase my following and my engagement. Planet Social Media is a fantastic resource as it captures all Sam’s knowledge and tips in one easy to access place.  It gives advice on content as well as easy and inexpensive ways to create effective campaigns.  Social media is changing all the time and Sam is able to give practical advice on how to keep relevant on all the platforms. 

    Suzanne Guest

    Owner, Work In Mind

    I’ve just signed up and find it really helpful that Planet Social Media will provide weekly actions so you can use what you’ve learned from the videos in a practical way. They’re manageable and realistic tasks and as Sam says, what’s the point of learning if you don’t take action? I really like how the membership allows you to navigate what’s most relevant for your company and love that the community will be a place to share progress or gain more inspiration.

    Holly Honeyford

    Office Manager, Best Business Enabler

    Planet Social Media is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their use of social media. Sam is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of social media and all the different mediums. There are lots of helpful videos on different aspects of social media/social media marketing alongside regular live calls with Sam, which is a great opportunity to tap into Sam´s expertise and get the answers to whatever you are struggling with. Sam is also happy to answer questions on an ongoing basis, so you essentially have a social media expert on tap. I would highly recommend Planet Social Media!

    Sharon De Mascia

    Managing Director, Cognescenti Business Psychologists Ltd

    We help many clients with their social media management but it’s constantly changing and adapting! Being able to access such a wealth of up to date, expert knowledge on one platform is great. Planet Social Media’s membership is already changing the way we are approaching the various social media outlets. We’ve found the video library particularly helpful; each video focuses on something specific such as engagement or creating a content plan. It’s giving us loads of ideas and we can’t wait to find out more on the live calls!

    Alice Jackson

    Managing Director, Madson Interim Solutions



    As a Planet Social Media member you’ll have access to…

    There are over 60 videos available to you on Planet Social Media!  And you have access to them the instant that you join.  The videos currently available on there includes:

    • Managing your time effectively on social media
    • Converting your audience in to customers
    • Creating video on a small or zero budget
    • Using Twitter lists to build relationships
    • Increasing engagement on your posts
    • Finding people to connect with on LinkedIn
    • Using Facebook groups for your business
    • Which hashtags to include with your Instagram posts
    • AND MANY MORE!!!

    AND, new videos are added every two weeks!  The great thing about being a member is you can make suggestions of what you’d like to see on Planet Social Media, so that it’s as applicable to your business as possible.

    Plan your content for the following month in our monthly planning calls.  In 90 minutes, you’ll know what you are saying on each platform and when for the month ahead and will begin to create the content too!  In 90 minutes, you could have all your content created for the following month!!!

    Regular live masterclasses on topics such as:

    • Instagram Success
    • Instagram Reels
    • LinkedIn Success
    • B2B Social Media Content

    Got a burning social media question?  Stick it in our community forum!  Sam will be present in the community answering your social media questions.  Plus, you might get some great ideas from other members in there too!  AND, there’s a section in the community for general business chat, if you have other business queries.  There’ll be a breadth of business knowledge within the community! 

    Each week, a new action will be posted for you to get involved in. They’re completely optional, but the more action you take, the more success you’ll have!  You can choose to do that week’s action or choose one from a previous week to get involved in.  Share that you’ve taken the action within the community, and you’ll be entered in to a monthly action-takers prize draw!!

    Freqently Asked Questions

    I’m only just starting on social media. Should I still join?

    YES!  This is the perfect time to join so you aren’t alone in your social media journey.  This will be the point that you probably have the most questions, and the Planet Social Media community will be there to answer them.  Plus, there’s some great beginner’s content already on Planet Social Media.

    I don’t have time for social media, let alone to learn about it! What’s the point in joining?

    The reality is, if you want to market your business, you’re going to have to commit time to it.  And that includes spending time on social media.  Would you rather spend your time on social media being lost with what to do, or focusing your efforts in the wrong place, or on focusing on success-driven techniques? 

    I don’t want to be tied into another membership. Is it easy to leave?

    Absolutely!  We don’t want people to be Planet Social Media members unless they want to be.  There’s a simple cancellation option inside the membership and you’re welcome to walk away whenever you want (though of course, we hope you see the amount of value in there and want to stay!).

    What if I don’t find the value I need from Planet Social Media?

    Try it for a month.  If you don’t see the value, we’ll give you your first month’s money back and you’re welcome to leave.  I can almost guarantee you will though!  Plus, you are always welcome to suggest future courses to be added in to Planet Social Media that you do think will bring more value to you.

    I’m great at learning, not so good at ‘doing’. Will this help?

    Try it for a month.  If you don’t see the value, we’ll give you your first month’s money back and you’re welcome to leave.  I can almost guarantee you will though!  Plus, you are always welcome to suggest future courses to be added in to Planet Social Media that you do think will bring more value to you.

    Can I get started straight away?

    Absolutely!  Once you’ve processed your payment you’ll be straight in there!

    I’ve got a really good knowledge of social media already. Is it worth me joining?

    Yes.  Things are always changing in the social media world.  Planet Social Media will keep you up-to-date with what’s new.  Plus, if you have any questions along the way, there’s the community and live Q&A.  There’s courses on Planet Social Media for all levels, from beginner through to advanced.

    What’s the benefit of becoming a member now rather than waiting a few months down the line?

    The launch offer for a start!  But you’ll also be able to feedback on what courses you’d like to see going forward.  Plus, if you wait a few months, you’ll miss our launch party!


    How do I know it’s going to be worthwhile for me to join?

    You don’t until you’re in!  That’s why there’s a 30 day money back guarantee.  The courses have been designed to add as much value to as many businesses as possible, so I’m almost certain it will be worthwhile for you!


    Money Back Guarantee

    Come and play on Planet Social Media and, if you don’t think it’s for you within the first 30 days, we’ll give you your money back.  No questions asked!  We want you to come in and see how good it is for yourself, and we’re pretty confident you’ll want to stay.  But if not, you won’t lose out!