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    Do you know the impact phone use is having on your employees?

    Phone use can have a direct impact on workplace productivity, even if personal phones aren’t allowed in the workplace.  By training employees to reduce their phone use, and the difference this can make to their lives, you will not only help them live a fulfilled life, but will also increase productivity in the workplace.

    Did you know that…


    The average UK phone user spends 4 hours a day on their phone


    Phone use has lead to a huge focus and attention crisis


    Adults can now only focus on one task for an average of 3 minutes


    Phone use also has a negative impact on sleep and mental health


    By putting our phone down more, we can live a more fulfilled and happy life


    And it can make a huge difference to workplace productivity


    Understand the impact phone use is having on personal lives

    How this can also impact your workplace productivity

    The impact phone use has on mental health

    Practical steps to reduce your phone use

    How to keep up the habit of putting your phone down

    About Sam Flynn…

    Sam has been delivering social media training to businesses for over 11 years.  With a Masters in Business Psychology, Sam has always had a passion for improving workplace productivity and employee wellbeing.

    Sam found her own phone use increase dramatically during the pandemic, to the point where her children were asking her to stop looking at her phone.

    So she did!

    Sam has developed a programme to help other people use their phone less to help improve their focus, sleep, mental health AND to give them more time back in their life to do more fulfilling activities.

    Sam now delivers workplace training to help employees understand how to reduce their phone use and why they need to do it!

    Want to find out how Sam can help your employees reduce their phone use?